29/6/2020 - 8/7/2020
Co-hosted with RCM Alternatives, OPIM Connect will feature a selection of Asia and emerging-themed funds who have exhibited resilience, persistent edge, and outperformed respective benchmarks in the first half of 2020. In addition to an updated narrative of their performance, managers will share recent case studies and strategic positioning for 2H 2020.
Meet the next generation
Emerging managers, themes and asset classes include China A-share quant, China CTA, Emerging Bonds, Regulated Crypto, Index Arb, Small-Mid Cap, Artisanal Gold Streaming and more. See descriptions below.
Online & Interactive
This is an exclusive on-line and interactive webinar event, where accredited and professional investors can discover and interact with managers through voice or voted Q&A system through the moderated webinar. Events will be password protected with access links emailed to registered and accepted participants.
Group or 1-on-1 available
Webinars will be scheduled from 29th June through 8th July. To accommodate international time zones, allocators can choose from two webinar sessions either mornings of evenings. Please check the schedule for each manager below.

For deep-dive discussions, allocators may also request a 1-on-1 virtual meeting.
Lewis Prescott

Mingshi Offshore Optima Fund develops an AI-driven high-frequency intra-day trading strategy and intra-week alpha strategy in the China A-shares market. It incorporates AI stock picking within high-frequency alpha strategy through factor model and harnessing AI to select factors to update position when harnessing real-time trading data.
Mingshi Shanghai currently manages over 8 billion RMB (USD 1.13 billion) onshore PRC. Prior to founding Mingshi, Professor Yuan was a research associate at the Reserve Bank of Dallas, visiting Professor at the Wharton School, and Associate Professor at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance. In addition to papers published in top three financial journals, he recently co-authored ‘Size and Value in China’, which was published in the Journal of Financial Economics in October 2019. Podcast features Mr. Stephen Zhou, Founding Partner.

10pm, 6 July HKT / 10am, 6 July EST
10am, 7 July HKT / 10pm, 6 July EST
Fred G. Schutzman & Stephen Klein

JINZHISHANG TREND FOLLOWING STRATEGY 2 deploys a systematic multi-model trend following strategy with directional trades in futures grounded by technical analysis. The fund takes advantage of the inefficiency in China onshore commodity markets with institutional strategies. Signals are generated by independent models and filtered by a risk evaluator for allocation. Fred is also a contributing author in John Murphy’s book.

10pm, 30 June HKT / 10am, 30 June EST
10am, 2 July HKT / 10pm, 1 July EST
Desmond How

The Global EM Plus L/S Fixed Income Alpha Fund runs a fixed income, long-short strategy focusing on global emerging markets. The manager seeks alpha from theme identification and active trading while balancing beta from risk budgeting and portfolio alignment. Awarded by Asset Magazine as the “Most Astute Investors in 2019” , Desmond was previously head of Nomura’s Global Capital Management, where his strategy won the team “No. 1 Investment House (Hedgefund) in 2015 and 2016. Gaoteng is a joint venture between Hillhouse Capital Group and Tencent Holdings.

9pm, 2 July HKT / 9am, 2 July EST
9am, 3 July HKT / 9pm, 2 July EST
Patrick Chiu

Founded in 2014, servicing primarily institutional allocators in US and Hong Kong, AP Absolute Return Fund utilizes multi market-neutral strategies across the Asia-Pacific region, including Index Arbitrage, Pairs Trading, and Index Rebalance. AP Capital has delivered performance with only 0.2 correlation to MSCI world index on a 5-year basis. Prior to founding AP Capital, Patrick was the head trader of Index Arbitrage trading desk at Barclays, managing 2 billion USD assets. Podcast features Alison Zhao, Head of Business Development.

10pm, 2 July HKT / 10am, 2 July EST
10am, 3 July HKT / 10pm, 2 July EST
Brent Belote

JinZhiShang Pattern Recognition & AI Strategy 21 is a short-term diversified portfolio trading 13 markets selected from PMs proprietary algorithm. Strategy utilizes machine learning to dynamically analyze historical changes and patterns in the forward curve to identify and anticipate any trends, pivot points, strengths, weaknesses or potential inflection points. In addition PM overlays a momentum indicator which smooths the risk profile, limits trading in false breakouts or sideways markets, and confirms market directionality bias. The modeled risk/reward ratio is 4:1. Strategy targets a 10/15% annualized std dev with an average holding period of 7/10 days. The downside risk is managed by adjusting trade size based on a custom indicator of underlying volatility and 90 day rolling VAR.

10pm, 7 July HKT / 10am, 7 July EST
10am, 8 July HKT / 10pm, 7 July EST
Michelle Leung

Xingtai China Cayman Fund deploys a pure bottom-up, long-only China equity strategy with a focus on long term drivers of Chinese growth with a target holding period of 3 years. With over 6 years track record, Xingtai was ranked in the decile performance by Bloomberg in the China Long only universe and continue to lead in 2020. The team is led by Michelle Leung, ex-COO at Tom Group (2383 HK) and Bingchao Cao, ex-portfolio manager at Lombard Odier and SAC Capital (Point 72 Asset Management).

9pm, 7 July HKT / 9am, 7 July EST
9am, 8 July HKT / 9pm, 7 July EST
Roger Lu

Button Growth Fund deploys a long-short equity strategy focusing on the US, HK, and mainland China. The manager will also deploy single-stock short opportunities that aims to profit from overvalued companies, or firms with deteriorated upward momentum. Prior to starting his fund in 2016, Roger was a professional poker player and placed second in one of the leading regional competitions.

10pm, 29 June HKT / 10am, 29 June EST
10am, 30 June HKT / 10pm, 29 June EST
Jay Jones

Obelisk Global Gold Focus Fund targets fixed income returns financing direct investments in gold production projects. This allows investors to profit from gold liquidity whilst minimizing gold spot exposure. Obelisk leverages floating rated discounted contracts with gold dore to manage the market risk and holds title of assets throughout the entire production cycle to manage the credit risk. The team has over 20 years of working relationships with over 60 successful transactions in the field.

9pm, 30 June HKT / 9am, 30 June EST
9am, 2 July HKT / 9pm, 1 July EST
Michael Zbinden

Systematic DLT Fund pursues a systematic, quantitative approach to take long and short positions on regulated bitcoin futures on CME. Investment decisions are defined by automated trend following algorithms with proprietary enhancement. The Fund is classically structured with regulated service providers (PM, custodian, AIFM, auditor); regulated as an AIF by the FMA in Liechtenstein and operated by a fully FINMA regulated company.

9pm, 29 June HKT / 9am, 29 June EST
3pm, 30 June HKT / 3am, 30 June EST
Elad Gafni & Yuval Reisman

Yellow River Delta (YRD) Fund is a diversified fund of funds focusing on systematic strategies in the digital asset market. Investing in funds with a 3rd party administrator and auditor, the fund’s objective is to achieve uncorrelated returns and provide access to digital assets, while protecting against inherent risk in the asset class.YRD is USD denominated Cayman. With a live track record and one of the first systematic FoF in this space, the team focuses on identifying alpha generation and conducting extensive due diligence.

9pm, 6 July HKT / 9am, 6 July EST
4pm, 7 July HKT / 4am, 7 July EST

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