Directorship 2.0


Independent directors from OPIM’s roster comes with buy-side experience, who understand the critical factors of an established, a proper fund - from offshore regulatory shifts to the investor due diligence.  Partnering with SOLAS fiduciary, now you can ensure pan-Asian and offshore coverage from a board that both understands your strategy and can act quickly during Asian time zones – from Cayman to Singapore and Hong Kong.

Funds which have engaged OPIM’s advisory or management services means that board members are ensured seamless transparency on portfolio and operational risk, drawing on quarterly, monthly, or even real-time communications with the risk management team, without disruption to the manager.  This helps reinforce alignment of interests and therefore key decisions between managers and the Board of the fund and its investors. 

Buy-side experience

Inspire confidence from your investors as you empower your structure with veteran buy-side managers, whose profiles include being allocators, fund managers and risk managers themselves.  From hedge fund to private equity, commercial experience makes a difference when it comes to providing advice on business-critical areas from institutional capital raising to operational due diligence.


Regional coverage

With board level and risk management coverage spanning across all Asian time zones, our directors can make decisions in real time and in local languages.


Over 20 years’ experience in Asia and more than $15 billion in assets under management and advisory, OPIM directors serve as the gatekeepers to the world’s fastest growing segment of family offices and institutional allocators out of ASEAN, Hong Kong and China.  


Regulatory coverage

In addition to the traditional offshore presence in Cayman, our directors are based in Hong Kong and Singapore, where the growing shift of both wealth and regulation are driving global allocations today. Home of the Singapore’s new VCC and Hong Kong’s OFC structures, our on-the-ground presence provides an uncompromised view of the two leading regulators that serve as Asia’s gateway to both ASEAN and China.


Integrated risk management

Fiduciary responsibility requires clear information.  Upgrade your structure with OPIM risk overlay to provide your directors with the real time transparency and insight into every area of risk.  Active monitoring and communications with Board levels on ongoing business issues and challenges means that the Board is always kept in the loop and ready to make decisions without interrupting the investment manager’s daily operations.  Engage with OPIM’s award winning risk management team, and (instead of seeing information once a year) get access to portfolio, operational, and regulatory updates quarterly, weekly, or even daily - that give directors a real time view. 




Knowledge Centre

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